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Program submissions must be in a digital format and sent to by 

5:00 PM EDT, Friday October 20, 2023. Download the application documents below. Have a question? Contact us


Want to know what your team/organization needs to submit as part of your application? Click below to learn a bit more about each requirement, or view the program brief above for more information. Still have a question? Contact Us.

  • I missed an information session. Where can I find the recording?
    You can find the info session recordings by visiting the resources page of the program website (“Info Sessions” Button). Videos will be updated within 1-2 days of the session.
  • Do I need to attend all 3 information sessions?
    No, you do not need to attend all 3 information sessions. Each session will cover the same material but may vary with questions asked during the presentation. While you are not required to attend the virtual sessions when they happen, at least one member of your team should plan to watch one of the virtual sessions prior to submitting your application. Recordings of all sessions can be found on the resources page of the program website (“Info Sessions” Button).
  • How do I register for an information session?
    You can register for the information sessions by visiting one of the links below: Session #2: Session #3: / Please note that once a session has passed, you will no longer be able to register for the event. However, you can find recordings of all sessions by visiting the resources page of the program website (“Info Sessions” Button).
  • How do I submit a question?
    Contact us via the contact form on the website, or send questions to Lisa Snyder ( with the subject line of "614 Beautiful Program." Prefer to talk on the phone or in person, send an email to schedule an appointment, or call the Neighborhood Design Center office (614-221-5001) to set something up.
  • Is there a standard cost per square foot for murals?
    $10-$25 per square foot is a standard value to estimate murals, but please note that this value may exceed these limits depending on the muralist selected, special equipment needed to complete the project (i.e. scaffolding/lift), the complexity of the design, and/or other site conditions. Speaking with a muralist you wish to work with is the best way to ensure accurate pricing.
  • We need some advice on our project idea. Is the Neighborhood Design Center (NDC) able to assist us?
    Yes! We recommend contacting NDC to discuss your specific situation and see where they may be able to help. You can contact Lisa Snyder ( / (614)221-5001) to see how NDC may be able to assist your team.
  • My organization wants to apply. Does that count as a team?
    Yes, a single organization does qualify as a team. Teams also may include a group of residents, organizations partnering, or a combination of residents and an organization.
  • Our team is considering 2 phases for our project supported by external resources. Should we show the full project or just what the grant will cover?
    Yes, you should show your full proposal and explicitly visualize and state what improvements belong to what phase. If phase 2 of the project is also supported by other funding sources, this information should also be clearly noted in your proposal and budget.
  • Do you have any recommendations (software or other resources) we should consider if we want our application to look as professional as possible?
    The representation for each proposal will vary depending on what your proposed idea is. One effective method for showing an idea is sketching over a photo. This can work for both plans or 3D representation and creatively spotlight the types of activities or impact of adding a few design elements. A few examples are shown below but these are not the only methods for showing an idea. Sketchup models, hand sketches or drawings, drafted plans, or even collages also work. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.
  • We are looking to do a dog park, is that an acceptable project proposal?
    Yes, but as maintenance and liability for these facilities may be higher than usual, your proposal will need to demonstrate responsiveness to these concerns. Additionally, while access to a site may be limited by daytime hours, the park should still be accessible to the general public. Additionally, your project must still demonstrate how the public is involved in the implementation of the project.
  • Would street art like electrical box wraps or street banners qualify?
    Yes, but you will need to take careful consideration of how the proposal engages the community as the implementation usually must be completed by a sign company. This may mean that the community proposes the theme of art, location, or even has an opportunity to vote on designs.
  • We're looking to install a rain garden as part of our project. Do you have any resources?
    Yes. Below are a few local resources. Additional PDF resources have also been added to the resource drive which can be found here. City of Columbus Utilities Blueprint Columbus Ecological Engineering Society
  • Do you anticipate this being an annual funding opportunity, or is it a one-time opportunity?
    At this time, the program is a pilot and will only have funding available for this grant cycle.
  • What is the spending period for the grant?
    The anticipated spending period for the grant would be December 2022 – May 2023, with a targeted “open” date for projects around Memorial Day Weekend of 2023. However, we recognize with some supply chain issues that some adjustments may need to be made to accommodate issues out of the control of the program and the communities implementing their proposals.
  • My team has the ability to supplement the $10,000 grant. Should we show our full budget, or just what the grant covers?
    We recommend showing the impact of the project by including your full budget, even if exceeds the grant amount. We just ask you to note the items on the budget supported by an external funding source(s).
  • The target open date is May 2023. Is it possible to have funds extend beyond that deadline if we plan to continue improvements throughout the summer?
    Yes. The target date is set to allow the community to enjoy starting in the summer. If your proposal takes less time or needs a bit more time to implement, that date can be flexible. We only ask that any delays be communicated with the program team.
  • Are there neighborhood/community restrictions for the program?
    No, the only restriction is the site must be located within the City of Columbus corporation limits. However, preference will be given to proposals located within identified opportunity neighborhoods.
  • We want to use 2 sites as part of our project but are not sure if we will get property owner approval for both in time. What should we do?
    We recommend that you still show the entire proposed idea for both sites, even if you do not have site control/approval for both sites. Elements being added to the site that you do not have control over should be noted as such. Please note that the jury may award the proposal contingent on the team receiving approval from the property owner.
  • Are we able to propose a project in the public right of way?
    Yes, but you will need to contact Public Service to determine if a project will be possible and what permits or processes need to be completed to comply.
  • Who do I contact if I want to put my proposal in a City of Columbus Park?
    Please contact Betty Blockinger ( or (614)645-3325) at Columbus Recreation and Parks for more information on how you can implement a project in a City managed park.
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