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Looking for inspiration? Need to know who to connect with in the City of Columbus? Want to learn a bit more about placemaking? We've got you covered with a variety of resources. 


We know that resources can be overwhelming so if you have a question or want more one-on-one assistance, we're here to help! Get in touch with us and we are happy to assist you.

Project Inspo


We invite 614 Beautiful participants to dream big when thinking about proposals. Below are a few examples of creative placemaking efforts that include elements of pocket parks, landscape enhancements, streetscape enhancements, and public art. The aim of the game is to activate a place, get people together, and celebrate the spirit of Columbus. Click each image to learn about what others are doing.

Placemaking Resources


Interested in learning more about placemaking? Below are resources that may help you plan, implement, and dream towards your own proposal.


Unable to make it to a virtual info session? We've got you covered with recordings of each session. While the session content is the same, questions may vary from session to session. For convenience, we've added any questions from sessions to the FAQ section of the website.

Info Session #1
Tuesday September 27

Info Session #2
Saturday October 1

Info Session #3
Wednesday October 5

City Resources


There are a variety of city resources that are here to serve you. Not able to find what you are looking for. Contact us so we can better connect you to the resource you need.

Community Connectors

Neighborhood Liaisons and the Council Community Engagement Team are here to serve residents and connect you to resources

Area Commissions

Area Commissions empower neighbors as recommending bodies to review certain projects and serve as a voice for the community.

Connect with Departments

There are a few departments that may need to review your proposal. Learn more about who you need to connect with as you develop an idea.

Community Plans

Community plans incorporate both physical and social considerations for future development, driven by resident and stakeholder participation. Find a plan by clicking below.


While we recognize the importance of gardens and urban agriculture in our communities, it is not the intention of the 614 BEAUTIFUL program to have proposals that are exclusively community gardens.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities for a community garden, or utilizing a vacant lot, get in touch with the City Land Bank (845 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, OH 43206, 614-645-5263).

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