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New City Homes

A mural project that engages local youth in the design and development that beautifies the local community.


Franklinton Arts District, We Amplify Voices, Franklinton Area Commission, Sarah Hout (Muralist), Luka Weinberger (Muralist)



Project Status

Completed - 2023

2022 Grant Recipient

About the Project

In partnership with local schools, two new murals are coming to the Sullivant Avenue corridor in Franklinton. In addition to adding the character of the community, the project partnered with Columbus City Schools to provide a class on the impact and opportunities for muralists in the city. With design input and some hands-on activities from students at Starling Elementary, the intent of the murals is to inspire and uplift the Franklinton community.

"Unexpected Love" mural by Sarah Hout | | 1309 Sullivant Avenue
"Community Is What Shelters Us" mural by Luka Weinberger (they/them) | |1425 Sullivant Avenue

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